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Awareness Program On Safety And First Aid

On the 16th of March 2023, an awareness program on safety and first aid was successfully organized at Loyola ITI campus, thanks to the presence of Mr. Nandi Durga BaluGowda, a journalist, protector of wild life and a national award winner who conducted the session. The primary objective of this program was to educate the students on the fundamental principles of first aid and how to respond during emergency situations. Furthermore, it aimed to promote safety practices in order to prevent injuries and hazards from occurring.

The program was comprehensive and covered various topics such as common injuries, medical emergencies, appropriate response steps for each type of emergency, fire safety, first aid, personal protective equipment, and many more. The participants gained knowledge on how to use common first aid tools and recognize the signs of choking, bleeding, fracture, snake bites, and other common emergencies. The session was conducted through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, interactive activities, and practical exercises, which made it highly engaging and facilitated a better understanding of the concepts.

The awareness program effectively equipped the students with the knowledge and skills required to respond to medical emergencies and effectively manage the situation. It served as an excellent opportunity for the participants to learn how to act in a timely and efficient manner during emergencies, thereby mitigating the severity of injuries and improving the chances of survival. Overall, the program was a huge success and highly beneficial for all the participants.

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